Find useful information, letters, and curriculum objectives for year 3 on this page.

We have two Year 3 classes; 3G and 3R.


Year 3 Staff
3R: Rebecca Reid (Class Teacher),
3G: Becky Grasso (Class teacher)
Anila Troksi ( Support staff)

Classroom Location
3R: On the first floor, on the far left of the building as you approach from the playground, opposite the Q-Room.
3G: On the first floor, on the far left of the building as you approach from the playground, next to the Q-Room.

Parent-Teacher Times
Becky and Rebecca hold regular times when they will be available to see you without an appointment. If you would like see them then just drop in.

3G: Wednesday 3:45 – 4:15
3R: Wednesday 3:45 – 4:15

If meeting at these times is not convenient for you then please contact the school office to arrange an appointment.

Autumn: Beginnings – Stone Age to the Romans
Spring: British Isles – Land and Sea
Summer: Famous British Scientists

Assembly summer term

3R – Wednesday 23rd May 2018

3G – Thursday 14th June 2018

The children have homework once a week. The work will be sent home on Friday and should be returned on the following Tuesday. In year 3 we are sending home a few words each week from the Year 3 spelling list in addition to teaching spelling patterns as part of our English lessons. We suggest different strategies for learning spellings and encourage creative learning – it is important that children discover what works for them and we do not wish for homework to be a source of grief or stress!  If you are having problems with this then please do go and see Rebecca or Becky. Periodically, we will be asking the children to prepare a presentation to share with the class.

Spelling and Handwriting
You can find a list of spellings and handwriting guidance appropriate to your child’s year-group by clicking HERE.

Maths and English Curriculum Objectives
Click on THIS LINK to learn more about the Maths and English (Speaking, Reading and Writing) Objectives that are taught from Year 1 to Year 6.
Here is a link to a handy TIMES TABLES GRID and advice.

Year 3 Curriculum Map
CLICK HERE for more information about our curriculum.

3R & 3G – Intense 2 week course (September)
For swimming lessons boys must wear swimming trunks (baggy shorts are not allowed by Archway Pool), girls must wear one piece swimsuits. They need to also wear a swimming hat. Verruca socks should be worn if needed so please check your child’s feet. Consent form for goggles can be obtained from the office, but please note that the swimming coaches discourage the use of these until children can swim at least 25m confidently. Once a child has started to wear goggles they will be required to wear them every week.


3G – Thursday and Friday 

3R – Thursday and Friday

Children need to bring in a change of clothes for these activities (T- shirt, vest, loose fitting jogging bottoms, shorts, leggings, etc.). They should also have suitable footwear e.g. trainers.

How you can help
If you have any knowledge, skill, or artefacts related to what we are learning in school, then please do get in touch with your child’s teacher. We love having our Parents and Carers come in and help us all to learn!

You can find this term’s letter to parents and carers and Topic Plan in the ‘Related Documents’ box to the left of the screen or click on link below:

Parent letter Summer 2018 – Year 3

Summer Project Plan 2018 – Year 3