‘Yerbury is a richly diverse learning community which values the uniqueness of every child… 

…We know that happy, interested and secure children learn best.  We offer a caring and stimulating environment which allows children to become independent and grow.  Staff, children, parents and carers work together in a culture of collaboration and mutual support.  We foster the long term development and personal achievements of every child within our broad curriculum and in the immeasurable learning beyond it.  We provide a challenging, relevant and creative school experience which nurtures a sense of social responsibility and inspires life-long learning.’

Our hope for the Yerbury child is that they have happy, wondrous and long childhoods. We want them to feel loved, be confident and feel safe enough to be creative. We want them to have found something they are passionate about and to have nurtured it. They will have had many opportunities to feel a sense of achievement, pride and excitement about themselves and their learning during their years here.

We also hope that the Yerbury child cares about others, is able to challenge intolerance, and can relate and communicate with others in order to build and maintain relationships. They are resilient, know that satisfaction comes from effort, and are intrinsically motivated. They know what it is to have fun, to be happy and to have been nurtured by a sense of belonging.

When they leave us, they might be beginning to know what their place in the world may be and have a secure set of moral values. We want them to be full of hope for their future and always feel part of the Yerbury family.