The PE and Sport Premium funding provides ring-fenced money to primary school headteachers to improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils.

Yerbury Sports Premium Spend and Evaluation 2017/18

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Yerbury PE and Sports Premium Spend and Evaluation 2017 – 2018




Primary Sports Premium – 2016/2017

We are obliged to report how we spent the £9,775 PE and Sport grant which we were allocated for the academic year 2016 to 2017 and indicate the impact. Please see the table below for a breakdown of the expenditure.


Action Lead person/people Resource implications Time frame






Audit staff on areas of need regarding planning resources, equipment, and training.




Bob Jones

Purchase resources for teachers



December 2015


Observation of specialist Dance teachers and termly discussion regarding planning and delivery of high quality lessons.




Specialist Dance teachers/ Class teachers


Ongoing bi-weekly observations


Increasing participation and inclusion


Encourage/enable participation in extracurricular sports activities. Develop enrichment opportunities through sport to bridge the gap between experiences for disadvantaged chn and non-disadvantaged chn: eg. Dance, kayaking, rock climbing


Bob Jones/Liam Frost


Transport and sports course costs






Increase participation in after school sports clubs amongst all children in  a range of sporting activities by offering a wider range of sports including basketball, tag rugby, badminton, table tennis.


Bob Jones/Liam Frost

Payment of club leaders.

Purchase relevant equipment: table tennis bat/balls/nets, portable basketball nets, football goals, mini goals, balls etc.



Ongoing with termly benchmarks.


Increase participation in intra and inter school competition by selecting borough and city wide competitions in a greater range of sports


Bob Jones

Payment of TAs to accompany teams to sporting events and competition entry fees





Develop mentor system in which KS2 children lead sporting activities during lunch play.



Child mentors/ Midday meals supervisors/PSHE coordinator/Bob Jones





Introduce Gifted and Talented register for children excelling in sports


Bob Jones/

Class teachers




Continue to audit participation of all children in sporting activities and target individuals/groups


Bob Jones




Organise Sports Day for EYFS/KS1 and KS2. All children participate and compete both individually and within teams



Bob Jones


Hire of Whittington Park for 2 mornings plus equipment.



Summer Term


Securing quality and standards


Secure quality of teaching through monitoring of planning


Bob Jones/SLT




Employment of specialist Dance teachers to deliver high quality lessons



Dance specialist costs