Find out more about our broad and balanced curriculum…

For information about our Nursery and Reception Class curriculum please see their page.

Our curriculum is taught through term long PROJECTS that are used to tie together the different subject areas. This approach has many advantages including giving a focus of interest for the children and making it easier for parents to be involved in their children’s learning. All projects include educational visits and often also a special event such as Year 2’s puppet show. All the National Curriculum subjects (ie English, Maths, Science, Computing, History, Geography, Design and Technology, Art, Physical Education, Religious Education, and Music) are covered in this way wherever possible.

We are enthusiastic about music and the other arts so all classes have two music sessions each week and we run an orchestra and three choirs. We have theme days and weeks each term in which the whole school focuses on, for instance, a particular painting or place.

In addition to these subjects we are committed to providing the children with as wide an education as possible, so that we also look at personal, social and health issues and at events occurring both locally and nationally. In this way we aim to help our children to develop as rounded individuals with, for instance, confidence, social skills and an inquisitive mind.

All our children are taught in mixed ability classes. Activities are differentiated to match the abilities of each child so that they have appropriate challenges and can progress at their own rate. The children are usually taught as a whole class but may also work with adults in smaller groups or individually. Teachers utilise a range of teaching approaches so that all children can be actively involved.