Yerbury has long been known for it’s Music making. Children compose and perform collaborative pieces regularly…

There are many times each week when the walls literally reverberate to the sound of music. We have a singing assembly for each Key Stage every week and our Music lessons are delivered by Ben Glasstone, our specialist music teacher. Ben also supports class assemblies, which often feature whole class compositions as well as more well known popular songs. Ben is an incredibly talented composer and he recently used these skills to support our current Year 6 pupils in writing ‘The Yerbury Song’. Ben leads the school band and over the course of the year there is a Year 4 choir who perform at Christmas, a Year 5 choir who take part in Islington ‘Pure Voices’ and the Year 6 choir who perform in their end of year performance. In addition to this Liz Read, our Deputy Headteacher, leads a lunchtime choir for Years 3-6 and a storytime Year 1 and 2 choir.

All children in Year 3 learn the recorder with Liz and children in Year 4 learn the Ukulele with Ben. Some children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 have the opportunity to learn either the trumpet or trombone with our brass teacher, Alan. Alan also leads the Yerbury brass band.

We also have an adult choir for members of staff, parents and members of our local community. The choir rehearse on a Monday evening and recently performed ‘Zimbe’ alongside the Tuesday lunchtime choir.

Liz Read is our Music leader and there are many plans afoot to build on the already brilliant music making at Yerbury.