At Yerbury we welcome everyone. We are an inclusive school at the heart of our community and are very proud of all our children. We look forward to meeting you and your family in school.

***Update on school tours***

Please note due to current restrictions the planned school tours will now be virtual tours with a zoom Q&A.  To be booked onto one of these please email  Once the restrictions are lifted we will return to the normal school tours by way of visit.

Islington Community School Determined Admission Arrangements

Islington Early Years Admission Policy

The application process follows precisely the regulations set out by Islington (our local education authority).

The application process varies depending on whether you are applying for a place in Nursery, Reception or Years 1 to 6. Please follow the advice and links below carefully.

You are very welcome to come and visit us at school. Visits to the school for prospective parents are arranged once a week by appointment in the Autumn term and then monthly during the spring and summer months.   To attend one of our tours please email  to be booked onto the next scheduled tour or alternatively telephone the school on 020 7272 6580.


To apply for a NURSERY place at Yerbury:
Once your child is two years old you can apply directly to Yerbury to be placed onto our waiting list. Children between 3 and 4 years of age are admitted to our nursery usually a term after their 3rd birthday (provided we have spaces) You will need to complete an application form, either by popping into the school office any time between 9am and 4pm, or by downloading a form using the link: Nursery application form .

The government has introduced changes to the way nursery education is funded. In Islington from September 2017 there may be fewer full-time nursery places available, although all children will still be able to access a part-time 15 hour place. Some 3 and 4 year olds will be entitled to 30 hours per week of free childcare, under a new government scheme. The extended entitlement is intended to support working parents with the cost of childcare and enable them to return to work, or work additional hours, if they wish. Further information is available via the following link:

Nursery places are allocated using the following criteria:

  • the number of places available
  • whether the child has a brother or sister already at school
  • the nearness of home to school
  • the educational, medical and social needs of the child

September 2021 intake

The deadline for returning Nursery applications for September 2021 intake is Friday 19th March 2021. Any received after this date will be treated as late applications.

Parents will need to obtain an eligibility code to confirm that they are eligible for 30 hours free childcare and provide the school with the code. Offers of full-time places will be provisional until we can confirm eligibility by validating the code provided. If you are not eligible for the funded 30 hours you can apply to pay top up for the additional 15 hours (more information can be obtained from the school office) or alternatively obtain a part time 15 hour provision.

Our provision:

Part time hours AM (9.10am to 12.10pm) or PM (12.30pm to 3.30pm)

Full time hours 9.10am to 3.25pm

Please indicate on your application form which provision you would like to apply for.

If you accept the place offered we will ask for proof of  address along with documentary proof linking your child to your address (e.g. a recent child benefit letter, tax credits ).  We will also inform you of the ways in which we will welcome you and your family to Yerbury.

January 2022 intake

If we have spaces available we will have a January 2022 intake which children born between 01-09-2018 and 31/12/2018 will be considered for a place.  Please contact the school office on 0207 272 6580 to check for any vacancies.   Please note offers for January 2022 intake will be made by Friday 22nd October.

Please be aware that a place in Nursery DOES NOT guarantee a place in Reception.  A separate application is required for Reception: please see below for details. Visits to the school for prospective parents are arranged every few weeks between September and December.  Please email the school office to enquire or book a visit or  any other queries please call 020 7272 6580

September 2022 intake

The deadline for returning Nursery applications for September 2022 intake is Friday 19th March 2022.


To apply for a place at RECEPTION at Yerbury:
All applications are dealt with by the Islington Admissions Team.  Please apply directly to them by using the link to their website.  There you will find all the advice and information you will need.
Please be aware the deadline for Reception applications in 15th January 2021. You can find information on admission selection and over-subscription criteria, the process for applications and the Published Admission Number (PAN) via the links below:

Primary school admission booklet 2019-20

Important to note:  If you are on the Reception waiting list for September 2020 start.  This waiting list is managed by Islington’s admission team and not directly with the school. At the end of December  2020 the waiting list for Reception is closed and you will need to reapply to remain on the waiting list. You re-apply by completing an in-year application link below.   The waiting list from January 2021 remains in place until the end of the spring term, and you will need to reapply in April to remain on the waiting list for the summer term. 

If you experience any difficulties, or need clarification, please contact  on 020 7527 5515.

Secondary School Transfer – Year 6 (2020-21)

Please see link below for information relating to Secondary School transfers for 2020-21

Secondary school transfer information 2020-21

Year 1 to 6

To apply for a place in Years 1 to 6 (Primary in-year admissions):

Please follow the below link for making an in-year application.   

Important to note:  At the end of the academic school year (July 23rd 2021).  Waiting lists are cleared.  If you wish to still remain on the waiting list you will need to re-apply after this date.  The school office will look at the applications at the end of August and write to advise if we have a space or if your child is being placed on the waiting list.  This waiting list remains in place for the whole academic year until July 2022.

In year application form


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