Our School Development Plan is a working document agreed by Governors and the Headteacher which drives school improvement and is reviewed yearly.

School Development Plan 2019-20

This document outlines the main focuses identified for current whole school improvement in September. Underpinning this document are other development action plans such as the Subject Leader Plans, the Equal Opportunities Plans etc. which are used to drive and focus whole school improvement in all areas.

Underpinning this document is the following ethos statement:

Yerbury is a richly diverse learning community which values the uniqueness of every child.  We know that happy, interested and secure children learn best.  We offer a caring and stimulating environment which allows children to become independent and grow.  Staff, children, parents and carers work together in a culture of collaboration and mutual support.  We foster the long term development and personal achievements of every child within our broad curriculum and in the immeasurable learning beyond it.  We provide a challenging, relevant and creative school experience which nurtures a sense of social responsibility and inspires life-long learning.’